What is glove strikethrough?

Strikethrough is the term given when the coating of the gloves appears on the inside of the glove. To check for strikethough, simply turn the glove inside out. You should only see liner material. If you see any coating material on the inside, then the glove has strikethrough.

Glove liners are dipped in a process which should result in the liner being coated on the outside of the glove liner only.

However, most manufacturers do not have the technology to do this or the type of coating does not allow for this, which means that strikethrough of the coating occurs. This results in the coating coming in direct contact with the skin.

This has significant discomfort implications, namely:

  1. Gloves are less breathable
  2. Heat builds up in the gloves
  3. Hands become sweaty
  4. Hands “slip” within the gloves

Besides the above issues, there are 3 other important factors to consider:


There have been tests relating to the manufacture of PU gloves which involves potentially harmful levels of DMF (DIMETHYL FORMAMIDE) – which is a well known toxic solvent.


If a glove wearer works in an environment with moving parts and machinery and there is a risk of the hand getting caught and injured, it is important that the glove does not assist in this type of injury. If, for example, the tip of the hand gets caught in the machinery, then the person should still be able to safely pull their hand out of the glove and leave only the glove behind in the machinery. Gloves with strikethough limits this from happening. To test, simply try pulling the glove off the hand from the fingertips of the glove. The easier this happens, the safer for the wearer in these applications.


Most companies acknowledge that safety and comfort should come before cost. However, in the competitive industrial environment, cost is always a factor. Very simply, gloves that are more comfortable, are more likely to be worn for longer (i.e. Less likely to be exchanged for a “fresh” pair.)

The ATG range of gloves from Glove Solutions Africa (GSA) is the ONLY range available in the world that features no strikethrough of the glove coating AND a foamcoated manufacturing process that is TOTALLY solvent-free and thus safer for the environment and for the many people who wear our gloves every day.

Unfortunately, most of the other large glove manufacturers still make use of solvents, such as DMF in the manufacture of their gloves. Only very recently have a few manufacturers started taking note of potentially harmful consequences of their manufacturing processes. Some of them are starting to make some changes in their processes in order that the environment (and their customers) are safer.

GSA and ATG feel that “some changes” are simply just not enough when it comes to the welfare of the environment and people. There should be NO compromises.

Are your gloves safe for the environment AND for you?