Unique Cut Resistant Feature

Being on the forefront of hand protection innovation, ATG has recently made a feature standard for their entire  MaxiCut  range – a reinforced area between thumb and forefinger. This is believed to be another world-first from ATG.

The market has been asking for this feature for some time now and this innovation  is certain to be popular, particularly in the metal and glass industries where the application usually involves the handling of sharp edged sheets or objects. These objects are usually carried in the 4 finger on top/ thumb below format and thus the area between the thumb and forefinger would be the most exposed to wear and tear which could lead to potentially harmful cut injuries. 

The feature, although simple in concept and design is not a simple manufacturing process—it is basically a double coating, but only in a small area. As it is only in the small area, dexterity, feel and comfort are not affected.The obvious two benefits are:

  1. Increased safety/ protection to an area which is very often the first to wear down
  2. Cost-savings due to reduced usage because of the extended glove life.

This feature will become standard on the MaxiCut 3 and MaxiCut 5 gloves from 2010. Existing users will not experience any difference, except the gloves should last even longer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you want to experience the new feature first hand. Trial samples are supplied at no charge.