The first (and only) Dermatologically Accredited Glove Range in the World

ATG has also recently reached another world first, by being the first glove company to have all their gloves dermatologically accredited. ATG has recently been awarded this accreditation by Skin Health Alliance (SHA) as part of their continued commitment to environmental, worker and consumer safety. The SHA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working with leading dermatologists, researchers and skin scientists offering professional accreditation for products seeking dermatological recognition.

You know that when you use ATG gloves, you are using the most hygienic gloves available that have been certified that they do not contain any harmful substances. More and more companies are placing a heavy emphasis on the future health of their employees. There are also some moves abroad with some major progressive corporates to make this accreditation a minimum requirement for their sites, thereby ensuring the lowest possible risk of carcinogenic and/ or other potential life threatening illnesses which could be contracted by wearing non-accredited PPE.