From: Genek Viljoen <gviljoen@kcare.com.au> Date: 19 February 2014 2:24:54 PM AWST To: “Wade Roberson (wader@safetymate.com.au)” <wader@safetymate.com.au> Subject: maxiflex gloves feedback.

Hi Wade

I would like to provide you with feedback on the gloves that you have been supplying since the beginning of December.

We are currently using Maxi cut 3 gloves, Maxi Dry ¾ Coat, and the Maxi Dry Full Coat.

Prior to K Care changing over to your gloves, the previous gloves  we were using were been changed daily  due to oil soaking into the rubber and affecting the hands of the operator. Since changing over , the gloves are lasting 2-3 weeks which is a brilliant result . The operators have remarked that these are the best gloves they have ever trialled.

As you are aware , one of the employees suffered from dermatitis due to exposure to a cutting compound that we use  on the cold saw. Previously he was using nitrile gloves and then placing rubber gloves over to protect his hands. Since changing over to the Maxi Full Coat, his dermatitis has cleared up and he only wears 1 pair of gloves.

We have brought down the amount of small cuts caused by metal burrs by wearing the maxi cut 3 gloves. They are thin enough to allow the operators to handle the metal and still offer protection.

Having worked in the Pilbara for 3 years and used the Ninja range of gloves, I would say that your gloves are far superior.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your gloves for use in the workplace , they are a great product .

Kind regards,

Genek Viljoen |  HSEQ Advisor | Kcare Healthcare Ltd

The absence of injury does not necessarily mean safe!

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