Keeping Hot Hands Cool, Dry and Productive

One recurring demand arises in each and every conversation we have, comfort.  Today 97% of glove wearers claim that comfort is their number one priority when choosing gloves with the key challenge being sweaty hands.  Why?
The skin, the largest organ of our body, is used to regulate its temperature through perspiration (thermoregulation).  On average, our skin contains 155 sweat glands per square centimeter; however, our hands have 83% more sweat glands per square centimeter than the rest of our body.  The back of our hands contains 200 sweat glands per square centimeter whilst on the palms of our hands there are 370 per square centimeter.  Combine this with a gloved hand and it explains why sweaty hands remains an age-old problem.
Inspired to find a solution, led us to develop AD-APT®, that we’ve integrated into the iconic MaxiFlex®.
The patented AIRtech® technology platform that provides 360° breathability works in partnership with the AD-APT® technology platform to keep your hand cool, dry and productive even in tough conditions.